Samsung Windfree Mid-Wall Inverter

Airsa Samsung Windfree Mid-Wall Inverter Air-conditioner


Samsung takes the lead yet again with a new Wind-Free™ Digital Inverter Split. A 2-step Cooling mode cools air rapidly in Fast Cooling Mode, then automatically changes to Wind-Free mode as soon as the pre-set temperature is reached. Cool air is then gently dispersed through 21 000 micro air holes, so you don’t have to endure direct draughts. Then, thanks to Samsung’s Digital 8-Pole Inverter, up to 68% of energy is saved, compared with conventional non-inverter airconditioners. An ultra-wide filter captures 99% of ultra-fine dust, while Virus Doctor technology reduces airborne bacteria and viruses by up to 99%. Finally, Samsung’s wind- free’™ Digital Split is Smart Wi-Fi-enabled for maximum convenience. It’s the unit for those who demand the best in airconditioning.

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12 000, 18 000, 24 000